Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Registry

With so many options from which to select, choosing the right kitchen essentials can be overwhelming for couples as they begin the wedding registry process. The Masters Collection, designed by prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) combines the best features and benefits including durability, multi-functionality and comfort to make it an ideal choice for cooking novices or those with more experience.

The following is a list of essential items and tips for every couple setting up their first kitchen:

1. Couples should make sure they know how their cookware materials conduct heat before purchasing. It's also a good idea to have a variety of cookware sizes and functions-purchase a starter set in addition to a few open stock specialized pieces. Masters Collection cookware offers seven-ply stainless clad construction with a pure copper center to provide optimum heat distribution for cooking.

2. Well designed knives make for easy chopping and slicing. Make sure to hold the knife before registering for it; it should always feel balanced and well-proportioned. The Masters Collection Hyde Park cutlery offers a balance-forward handle design and streamlined bolster to provide a secure grip. Made of high-carbon stainless steel, the blade holds its sharp edge.

3. Have a variety of kitchen gadgets on hand to simplify the cooking process. Having task specific gadgets and tools such as pizza wheels, can openers, peppermills and peelers speed things up in the kitchen. The right tools will make for better food presentations as well.

4. A non-stick cake pan is multi-functional and can offer easy cleanup. The Master Collection cake pan is ideal because of its aluminized steel construction, which promotes even baking and browning. The grooved handles create a secure handling system and its nonstick surface allows for simple cleanup. A cooling rack is very useful for resting just-baked cookies, cake, or pastries.

5. A good pair of tongs is essential for picking up meat and fish from the grill. Tongs should feel comfortable and be long enough to keep hands safe distance away from the hot surface. The Master Collection locking tongs feature ergonomically designed handles for a more secure grip.

6. A kitchen scale is good for precise measurements and to help keep track of portion sizes, which can play a big part in keeping healthy. The Master Collection digital scale can measure ingredients by weight in either grams or ounces. The scale automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of no weight change.

7. A accurate thermometer is an essential tool in today's kitchens. A digital probe thermometer remotely displays food temperatures and time elapsed while cooking and eliminates the need for continually opening the oven door to check doneness. Alarm will sound when cooking time or temperature is reached so the chef can move on to other tasks. The Masters Collection Digital Probe is available with commercial quality stainless steel probe and 44" silicone wire cord for extra durability.

Above is just a sample of the CIA products available at Ingredients with prices range from $4.25 to more than $900.00. Special Orders are always welcome.